10'6" x 25" Max Race

10'6" x 25" Max Race

Who's it for? Perfect for young guns looking to take their paddling up a notch


If you’re a junior racer looking for a high-performance inflatable SUP that’ll help you mix it in race conditions, we recommend the 10’6” Max Race, which is built for speed and close competition.  Our patented RSS system means the board is super-stiff, while its narrow nose and tail make it good for speed and agility, and its removable fin and double nose runner fins help it slice through the water. Once you’ve crossed the finish line, just pack it away, throw it on your back, and head for the next race.

Multiple carry handles on the board allow for quick entry and exit of the water for technical racing, while the Red embossed decked with diamond cut tail section offers ultimate grip whilst paddling and manoeuvres.


    kr 7.995,00Pris

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